CONACCE Chaplains is accredited by ECOSOC UN-Profile Code 677003 DESA ONU, International Commission Diplomatic Relations Human Rights and Peace, International Special Court of Arbitration and Human Rights. Registered in the SUIDS Platform, with Ministerial Agreement No. 0011-2017, Rous Code 0000109789.

We are the most influential, solid and innovative non-profit organization of great changes in the social, economic and religious fields. We are a developer and disseminator of social inclusion for social reintegration, based on the Word of God and the SDG 2030 agenda, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the development plan of each government and of the countries integrated into the UN.

CONACCE CHAPLAINS, is made up of chaplains between men and women who accept the commitment to be instruments of God in his process of restoring the mental, physical, social and spiritual health of humanity, especially those most in need.


The Organization has diligently protected human rights through legal instruments and activities on the ground. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) was the first legal document to protect these rights. Together with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, the three instruments form the so-called International Bill of Human Rights.

Promote equal opportunities for children, youth and adults of each people and nation, maintaining participation in society, with the capacity to propose and decide, and always encouraging the participation of its members in issues that involve them directly and indirectly, having for them consolidated their capacity for self-management.


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